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ISB - Ion Source & Biotechnologies s.r.l.

Via L. Ariosto, 21 20091 Bresso (MI)

Tel. +39 02/80887134; Fax. +39 02/700410252 

Zur Webseite: isbiolab.com

ISB, founded by Dr. Simone Cristoni in the 2006, operates since 10 years as a specialized laboratory for clinical and research centers. Other applicative areas are veterinary medicine, Foodomics, Pharmaceutical and Forensic Sciences. Today ISB’S MISSION is to provide its know-how:
– in the development of analytical methods,
– in the realization of KIT for analysis (for example for drugs from abuse in urine and hair, immunosuppressants),
– in application assistance,
– in writing and carrying out research projects with public and private bodies,
– in Biomarker discovery.
Furthermore, the company sells its own patented products and operates as a third party analysis laboratory.
The team working at ISB is composed of researchers with a wide range of skills covering chemistry, biology, pharmacology, natural sciences, bioinformatics and engineering. The different professional skills present in ISB integrate with each other in the discovery and development of new methodologies in different fields of application.
ISB has developed its business by offering Metabolomics and Proteomics services based on SANIST platform. SANIST has been developed for personalized and precision medicine from the years 2008 to 2015. The technology is based on a strong patent core (SACI; Cristoni S. et al. Patent no. 7,368,728; SACI-ESI Cristoni S. Patent no. 8,232,520).

Significant Infrastructures and / or any major items of technical equipment

ISB has an internal chemical analysis laboratory capable of carrying out chemical analyzes on different matrices.
Specifically ISB laboratory is equipped for:
– Identification of small molecules (drugs, hormones, pesticides, ..);
– Protein analysis;
– Metabolomics and „metabolic profiling“;
– Biomarker research.
– Furthermore, the company sells its own patented products and operates as a third party analysis laboratory.
– Intestinal disbisis AMCO technology.
Currently, several projects are active aimed at the characterization and quantification of proteins and metabolites. The innovative mass spectrometry technologies and bioinformatics approaches developed by the company, have allowed to obtain surprising results both in terms of sensitivity and selectivity in the analysis of the compounds of interest and to achieve results significantly higher than those obtainable through the use of conventional technologies. Strong activity is also present in the determination of gut microbiota dysbiosis on the basis of metabolomics approach (Cristoni S. et al. Predicting and preventing intestinal dysbiosis on the basis of pharmacological gut microbiota metabolism. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 2019 Jul 30;33(14):1221-1225. doi: 10.1002/rcm.8461.).

ISB team

Key personnel

Simone Cristoni (male), CEOSimone Cristoni (male), CEO.

Dr. Simone Cristoni is a professional scientist/manager operating in mass spectrometry field applied to biotechnology. He has 14+ years of experience in chemistry and molecular medicine research and a broad knowledge of life sciences including, cancer, proteomics and metabolomics. His expertise includes also intellectual property protection strategies, customized analytical assay development and mass- spectrometry-based kits commercialization as well as applications based on proprietary technologies.

Martina Larini (female), Mass Spectrometry Specialist.

Martina Larini has a scientific maturity degree and she is graduating in Chemical and Toxicological Sciences and Safety at the University of Milan. Since 2018 she is working at ISB where she is in charge of preparation of samples for analysis using the necessary laboratory instruments. In particular she has gained expertise in the use of HPLC and mass spectrometer. She is also expert in processing of data acquired using the HPLC / MS technique.

Simone Madama (male), Mass Spectrometry Specialist.

Simone Madama is graduated in Chemical and Toxicological Sciences and Safety at the University of Milan. He works in ISB From January 2021. In this time, he acquired Background about proteomics, metabolomics and intestinal dysbiosis. He has gained expertise in the use of HPLC-MS and data processing acquired with this technique.

Ilaria Zorloni (female), Laboratory technician

Ilaria Zorloni is newly graduated in Chemical and Toxicological Sciences and Safety at the University of Milan. She has been working for ISB since September 2021. During this period, she has acquired skills like preparation of sample for analysis. She has learnt to use laboratory instrument, especially HPLC-MS, and she acquired data processing with this technique.