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BACT: Krebsprävention Maschine

Medizinische Atemanalyse mit Kosten

Apparatus and method for sampling and analyzing breath


Breath analysis can be used in disease prevention and diagnosis. Different studies shows that it can be used for cancer prevention. Despide of its utility actually this analysis is mainly used in R&D laboratory. One of the main reason of that is brath cannot be efficiently trasfered between different laboratories for prevention and diagnostic analysis. For this reason we have developedand patented (Cristoni S. et al. Apparatus and method for sampling and analyzing breath. EP2781917A1) an apparatus usable to collect and stabilize molecular breath profile. It is now necessary to invest to evolve the apparatus from a prototipe to a final product stage.


Breath analysis represents a new area for diagnostic and prevention of cancer disease. To efficiently evolve this sector a way to collect, stabilize and transport breath from the costumer to the laboratory should be found. For this purpousested (Cristoni S. et al. Apparatus and method for sampling and analyzing breath. EP2781917A1) and developed BACT technology. Figure 1 shows the instrument scheme.

Figure 1

Table 1 figure

The device is composed by a pumping system that collect the breath molecular profile into a funzionalized cardrige so to stabilaze the molecule. In this conditions it is easy to move the sample among from the costumer to other laboratories avoiding sample degradation.

The apparatus is actually in the prototype stage level. The actual configuration is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Table 2 figure

The prototipe should be evolved, miniaturized and certified so to bring it to the market as product and service.

Project proposal

Developing a final certified product and service from the BACT apparatus.


The follow phases shoud be executed to reach the project target:


– Study an developing a new product miniaturized geometry;

– Developing a microcircuits for breath flow control;

– Product certification;

– Product commercialization.

Financial section

Table 1 repots the cost to be substained for the final product development. The estimated development time is one year.

Table 1 Costs